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Wholesale Dust Free ton bag Feeding Station or bag dump station made in china

The machine is made of stainless steel, the blade of the plow blade is rotated in the cylinder, and the high-speed rotation of the throwing knife in the middle of the cylinder is auxiliary mixing at the same time, so that the material forms convection and diffusion in the mixing cylinder, so as to achieve high uniformity mixing effect.
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Wholesale Dust Free ton bag Feeding Station or bag dump station made in china

The dust-free feeding station is suitable for unpacking, placing, screening and discharging small bag materials in chemical, food, battery materials and other industries. When unpacking, due to the role of dust collecting fan, material dust can be avoided everywhere. When the material is unbagged and poured into the next process, it is only necessary to manually unpack and put into the system, and the material can be intercepted by the vibrating screen (safety screen), so as to ensure that the particles meet the requirements. The dust-free feeding station consists of the feeding platform and the unloading bin. Dust removal system, vibrating screen and other components.

Technical data :

Dust fan(kw)
Vibrating motors(kw)
Dust filter

Working Method :

In the working process, due to the adsorption of the filter element to the material will lead to the increase of filtration resistance, so it is necessary to use high-flow pulse injection pressure to reverse blow the filter element. After a period of working time, the reverse blow needs to manually pull the manual valve to reverse blow (to the right to reverse blow, neutral in the middle, to the left to close) to reduce or clear the adsorbed material on the surface. The operation resistance of the fan is kept within the allowable range.



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1) What's your pre/after-sale service ? 

① Professional advice and rich experience help to choose machine. 

② Longtime maintainance and considerate technical support 

③ Technicians can be sent to abroad to install. 

④ One year guarantee. Whole life service. Within 1 year, any problem part can send to us, we   can give provide free new part(only damaged by machine itself). 

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2) How long is your production time? Our production time is usually 35-40 days. If there is a custom service, the time needs to be calculated separately.

3) Do you have any certifications qualifying our country?
A: our company’s equipment have passed ISO9001,meanwhile meet the GMP standard with CE & UL certifications, we have exported various countries all over the world, also other certifications is workable if demanded.


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