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Series ultra-fine pulverizer



Internal grading mechanism,which has less energy loss.Strong adaptabilityjits fineness can be as large as 10~5ym. The revolving speed or the air volume of the grader can be adjusted. The machine body is made of Havere structure, which is easy to be cleaned and maintained. lt is equipped with induced draugh fan, which is suitable for crushing heat-sensitive materials. Main powder parts are made of high alloy tool steel which has a long service life. The fine power trapped by dust collection bag can be recovered effectively, which can reduce losses of materials. lt uses the imported high-speed precision bearing. The whole rotor has dynamic balance. The whole machine runs stably with small vibration and low noise. The pipe connection adopts quick disassembly structure, which can be disassembled and cleaned quickly and conveniently. lt is equipped with cyclone separation and dust collector. The dust collection bag can effectively intercept micro powder in the air flow, which is clean and environmentally frienfly.


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